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About Us

Who are we

We are a company dedicated to providing the all in one solution for your baby's teething needs. We are a company based in the United Kingdom and ship our munchers worldwide.

Our Philosophy 

The safety and well being of babies is something that is the utmost priority to us which is why 10% of all our proceeds will go to the charitable organisation Bliss.
Their vision is to ensure that every baby born premature or sick in the UK has the best chance of survival and quality of life.

Why buy from us

All of our munchers are made from the highest food grade silicone therefore it is safe for baby to munch on for hours. All of our munchers have been tested to ensure only the tiniest of food pieces go through to prevent choking.Every muncher can serve two purposes such as a pacifier fruit holder and a teething toy and help in soothing teething pain and discomfort.